Box Tops For Education

Box Tops are an easy way for parents to get involved in their children’s education. Just by purchasing Box Tops products, clipping the coupons and sending them into school or using the app, we earn cash! You can find Box Tops on thousands of your favorite products.

Since in-class ice cream parties may not be allowed this year, we will collect Box Tops for the full year. The students in the classes with the most Box Tops in Elementary School and Middle School will receive gift certificates for an ice cream cone at a local establishment. If by the end of the year we are allowed to have an in-class ice cream party, we will do so.

Digital Box Tops

The Box Top program is going digital! Please download the app to your mobile device and follow the instructions to earn rewards for our school. For your student’s class to receive credit, be sure to add the teacher’s name under “Give Credit”.

Traditional Box Tops

Please trim your Box Tops and tape or glue them onto a collection sheet (many to choose from below), or send them into school in a baggie.

If sending in a baggie, please be sure to:

  1. Confirm Box Top is still valid by reviewing the expiration date.
  2. Trim Box Tops.
  3. Place Box Tops in bags of 50 with the student’s name, grade, and teacher’s name to ensure the appropriate class receives credit. **Bonus Box Tops should not be included with the 50 in a baggie; they should be sent separately.

Collection sheets can be downloaded and printed using the links below. There are sheets for 25 and 10 Box Tops available.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Box Top Coordinators – Kim Weisel and Erin Buchanan!

Click here for a list of Box Top products.

25 Box Tops per Sheet

10 Box Tops per Sheet