Wild Sourdough Project

The Public Science Lab is kicking off a new project to study wild microbes. The project is called Wild Sourdough. They are looking for participants from around the world to help gather data which will be reviewed and published this summer. We thought this would be a fun and interesting project for DTS students to work on at home with their families. 

A review of the project with a list of materials and clearly defined steps can be found here – http://robdunnlab.com/projects/wildsourdough/. Note that ph strips are inexpensive and can be purchased through Amazon.

We hope this will be a great opportunity for our students to engage with the scientific community and see how even home experiments can make a difference in our understanding of the world around us.

Since data will be entered directly in the lab’s site, we won’t be able to see who is participating. If you’re willing to share, please email jes.stahl@gmail.com to let us if you’re partaking as the school administration would like to share this with the community.