8th Grade Community Service

Each year, the Delaware Township School Partners in Education (DTS PiE) is proud to
honor one graduating 8th grade student with a Community Service Award​. We believe in the importance of community support of education. Similarly, we want to encourage reciprocal involvement of our students in local programs or projects that assist a group different or broader than themselves. DTS PiE would like to recognize a graduating student who puts genuine personal effort into an area that underscores our organizational mission of community involvement.
We look to honor a graduate who is active in the wider community, and not just within DTS. We are seeking nominations from those who know their students best – their parents. In addition to their applicable activities within school, we want to honor an individual who has shown a commitment, consistency and initiative in community service either on his/her own and/or as an active participant in service groups. These may include youth organizations like the Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts, civic organizations, or religious organizations.
  • AY 2019-20 — Erin Church
  • AY 2018-20 — Kendal Plumstead
  • AY 2017-18 —  Jack Herman
  • AY 2016-17 —  Sam Davis
  • AY 2015-16 —  Caroline Herman
  • AY 2014-15 —  Brendan Falk
  • AY 2013-14 — Stephanie Ball
  • AY 2012-13 —  Lily Davis
  • AY 2011-12 —  Gavin Dougherty